Prototyping workshop at the architectural office “Ars Longa” offers you the services in manufacturing of architectural models.

We are happy to bring your ideas in miniature. We accept orders for manufacturing of models of buildings and structures of any size and complexity – architectural, urban planning, commercial layouts.

Why do I need the layout ?!
The original layout – ie a miniature copy of the object need to check the space-planning decisions, identify shortcomings, search rationality, feasibility and perfection of planned facilities.

The dominant purpose of the layout – it is advertising!

For many investment and construction companies, corporations, real estate firms just need to have a beautiful architectural layout of its object. Because it is able to attract buyers, new investors and profitable exemplifies the professional qualities of a construction company. Also, using the layout can adequately represent the organization at trade shows.

Directly volume layout, a miniature re-creation of the object passes around an idea of ​​the composition of architectural structures, his character, combined architectural forms. We have a wide range of materials: cardboard, plexiglass, various types of plastics, PVC. Finishing the building, that is, the texture of the roof and facade, as well as the colors chosen in consultation with the client.

The price of production of the architectural layout depends on its size, complexity category (the facade, roof, detail architectural elements), the purpose of the layout – it is a working or commercial layout.

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