Romanesque style of medieval Western European art of 10-12 centuries. (In some countries and 13 in.). The main role in the Romanesque style was assigned to harsh serfdom nature architecture: the monastery complexes, churches, castles located in the high places, reigning over the terrain. Churches were decorated with paintings and reliefs, in conventional, expressive form expresses the power of God. However poluskazochnye scenes, animals and plants image went back to folk art. High development reached the processing of metal and wood, enamel miniature.

In contrast to the eastern centric type, the West developed the type of the temple, called the Basilica. The most important difference is the presence of Romanesque architecture of the stone arch. Its characteristic features are also thick walls, cut small windows designed to take the thrust of the dome, if any, of the predominance of horizontal articulation of the vertical, basically, circular and semicircular arches.